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Clients and types of work undertaken


Supporting clients of Pennine Lancashire Enterprise Trust, Cambridge Co-operative Development Agency, Manchester Metropolitan University, NWDA, Plunkett Foundation and Business Link Yorkshire to develop social and private enterprises from new start businesses to externalisation of public services, transformation of grant-funded charities and succession.

Guest lecturer on social entrepreneurship to Cambridge University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Sheffield.

Guest speaker for National Association of Criminal Rehabilitation Organisations on how models of enterprise development can support offenders to reduce their risk of re-offending.

Instigated development of specialist incubator for social enterprises in the East of England.

Support to Department of Health 'right to request' programme in consulting with practictioners considering externalising their services.


Published in theological journal on how social entrepreneurs can reconcile their theology with trading forms.

Led discussion groups within regional and national prjects exploring how churches can create social enterprises.

Guest speaker at seminar on creating a new theology for the Church to endorse and support social enterprises, histed by a theological college.

Work with Muslim communities exploring enterprise creation.


Guest lecturer to undergraduates of Cambridge University and University of Sheffield on social enterprise

Associate tutor to the Co-operative College in developing and delivering training programmes and modules

Development and delivery of general and specialist training seminars, workshops and programmes for various Business Link operators' advisers and clients on social enterprise, as well as mentoring their advisers.

Development and delivery of start-up training programmes for clients of enterprise agencies


Deliver bespoke facilitation days for various boards and trustees on a variety of issues.

Associate with national college specialising in co-operative and social enterprise governance.

Work with various enterprises at different stages in their development to explore how their chiosen legal form will affect ther intended governance arrangements.


I have undertaken and led on a number of studies and projects that have not only led to 'flagship' incubators for social enterprises being created, but have also identified key issues for the future development of models of mananged workspaces in rural and deprived areas.

Copies of these publications are available to download as pdf files here

Support to various organisations undertake feasbaility studies on proposed new enterprises, as well as diversifications of existing charities and enterprises for national support agencies and Business Link operators.

Drafting of training and information sheets for local social enterprise support agency on how to undertake a feasibility study.


Development of framework to identify economic impacts of micro-providers of health and social care services.

Project management of social audit for local charity and local enterprise support agencies.

Support to development and piloting of social accounting 'toolkits' with Social Firms UK, Co-operativesUK, and new economics foundation.

Support in instigating and developing a social accounting 'hub' for Lancashire.

Development and piloting of social accounting toolkits for social firms and co-operatives, and subsequentely facilitating their official adoption and uptake by the wider sector.

Evaluation of flagship mediation project for NRF and national pilot project for SBS.

Development and piloting of social accounting model for football clubs to better understand their impact on their local community.

Evaluation of existing Business Link training provision to assess its suitability to be marketed to social enterprise in current formats.


Delivery of national pilot project to create a new model to support adults experiencing mental ill health and their care workers to (re)gain employment – invited to speak at various conferences on the successes and approaches used.

Strategic placement of East of England Mutual & Co-operative Council and Social Firms Eastern Region within other regional and national partnerships.

Secured commitment from other regional and sub-regional bodies to support new regional Social Enterprise Partnership (Social Enterprise East of England), despite apparent conflicting agendas between them; also facilitated development of regional website / web ‘portal’ for the social enterprise sector in the Eastern region.

Successful delivery of 12-month ESF training project for co-operatives and social enterprises in 5 months

Managed regional enterprise supporting ex-homeless into employment (one of 9 franchised social enterprises within the Aspire network) to become the best financially performing region with the highest number of people gaining work and ‘moving on’.

Instigation of projects within local worker co-operative (Daily Bread Cambridge) that were directly linked to its objectives but creating wider community benefit, and in doing so created regional interest and securing partners from private, statutory and NGO sectors.


Collation and comparative analysis of vocational training within social enterprises across Europe.

Guest speaker on the relationship between the co-operative and social enterprise movements at national conference.

Speaker for UK Society of Co-operative Studies on the relationship between co-operative and social enterprises; and differences in co-operative development in rural and urban contexts.

Researched the co-operative childcare sector to inform Co-operativeUK's development of a national support and development programme to this sector.

Researched legal and governance models for social firms in collaboration with Social Firms UK to inform the development of their guidance and support programmes.

Evaluated mainstream Business Link training provision to asses their suitability to be marked directly to social enterprises in their current format.

Mapped local social enterprises to fit with corresponding Business Link operator's IT systems.

Undertook unparalleled research and benchmarking of training issues for social enterprises.

Invited by the Department for Trade and Industry to join their 'experts panel' in mapping social enterprise throughout the UK.

Consulted by the Bank of England on financial issues facing social enterprise.


Development and delivery of a portfolio of funded projects and commercial services to move enterprise support agencies to become more self-sustaining – in one instance this equated to an increase in turnover of 400% and increase in reserves of 300% within an 18 month period.

Development of plans and projects to enable regional forums to secure up to £1m investments; Business Link operators to secure revenue to support their social enterprise advisers.

Management and enhancing of a social enterprise exclusive Community Development Finance Initiative through increasing its activity and securing additional investment.


Secured committment from other regional and sub-regional bodies to support new regional social enterprise forum despite apparent conflicting agendas.

Development of 3 year business plan for regional co-operative enterprises forum to secure £1m investment.

Strategic placement of regional social economy forums within other regional and national partnerships

Increased local enterprise agency's turnover by 400% and reserves by 300% within 18 month period.